The weekend gardener

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon right now in Toronto – the sun is out, but it’s a bit cool. The perfect time to do some gardening. If you’re considering selling, a well-tended garden is the easiest way to add a little curb appeal and entice buyers.

Curb appeal is one of the most important things to consider then you are looking to put your property on the market. But as owners, we can sometimes become blind to some of the little things that our potential buyers will notice.

Here are a few areas of curb appeal to consider improving to ensure your home looks as fresh and inviting as the inside does.

How does your garden grow?

Everyone loves the look of fresh flowers and a few shrubs in the front of a house. The trick here is to buy shrubs and flowers that require as little maintenance and care as possible. The last thing you want is to have to tend to this garden every day.

Head to your local nursery and ask for flowers that are durable and others that come up on their own every year like tulips. Shrubs are usually pretty easy to care for, just make sure you don’t buy one that needs to be trimmed or will grow so big it overtakes the front of the house.

Trees, bushes and leaves

Trees and hedges are a make-or-break. Some people love the idea of a centuries-old tree on their property, others immediately think about fall and All. Of. Those. Leaves. Be mindful of this when you’re prepping your property for a showing. Trimming back these trees and bushes will show the beauty of your property and make it much more inviting to others.

The lawn and short of it

For a greener lawn, don’t go too short: the correct mowing height creates a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant lawn. Also, keep mower blades sharpened to prevent browning, and water in  the early morning because the sun will help dry the grass. 

Your lawn likes to eat, just like we do, so look for a mix of fast- and slow-release fertilizers with good nitrogen content that will green up your lawn quickly, and feed it over time. In the north, feed in fall and spring. In the south, feed in spring and summer. Be aware: too much nitrogen will “burn” the grass and cause brown patches.

Need some inspiration and ideas on how to get your garden curb ready? The Merenda team can help. With our 20+ years of industry knowledge and a client-forward approach, we’ll get you the results you want and the experience you deserve. Contact us today and let’s get a conversation started.