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Decor notes: think pink

How do you feel about utilizing pink for interior design? Some like to use it as a ‘softener’ to tone down dark or overtly ‘masculine’ notes in a room, while a common approach is to juxtapose it with neutral tones

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The air in here

When we think of pollution, the thick plumes of exhaust from cars or billowing smoke from factory chimneys often come to mind. However, according to some researchers, indoor pollution is an equally dangerous and pervasive issue, one that impacts the health of thousands of North Americans every year.

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Hygge: The Art of Getting Cozy

Hygge. If you heard someone nearby say the word out loud, you’d likely be tempted to offer a “bless you!” or “gesundheit!” in return. And who could blame you? Hard to spell and even harder to say, hygge (pronounced HEW-guh or HOO-guh) is the Scandinavian word for the feeling of or desire to seek coziness

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