Stay cozy and save money this fall

As we start spending more time indoors, cooler, longer nights mean we use more energy for things like lighting, watching television and running appliances. So as a follow up to our Fall maintenance checklist, here are a few ways you can keep your home cozy and cost- and energy-efficient this season.

Good timing

Electrical timers automatically turn lights, appliances, irrigation systems and motion sensors on and off, saving you money, water and energy. Put lights in infrequently used or short-term use rooms (like bathrooms) on timers to cut waste and add security.

Battery up

Add fresh batteries to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The common advice is to replace batteries twice a year; a good time to replace all of your smoke detectors’ batteries is on the weekends when we set our clocks forward for Daylight Savings Time in spring and back to standard time in the fall.

Set your ‘stat

Keep at 20°C when you’re awake, 18°C at night and 16°C when you’re away. Find it chilly? Layer up for comfort. It’s cheaper to put on a sweater than crank the thermostat. Besides, it takes the same about of time for the temperature to reach 20 degrees, whether your thermostat is set at 20 or 30.

Dust busted

Vacuum refrigerator coils and intake grille to help maximize efficiency. Clean kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans to maximize airflow, for  proper ventilation
and prevention of mould.

Reduce buildup

Not only should you drain your water heater seasonally, also remove deposits that reduce the efficiency of showerheads and faucet aerators.

Dry au naturel

Hang your freshly washed items near a radiator. You’ll help add humidity to the air and reduce wear and tear on your clothes.

Add some greens

Houseplants like ferns help humidify your home and clean the air. Ferns, spider plants and snake plants are among the most effective varieties. Be sure to choose non-toxic, pet-safe varieties for your furry friends and little ones.

For more tips on how to effectively weatherproof your home and how to make it more energy-efficient, or if you’re thinking about selling your home this season, contact us today or call 416-240-SOLD (7653)