Prepping your home for a winter sale

Did you know that the techniques and tricks used to stage your home and entice buyers differ in the fall/winter vs. Spring/summer?

Here are five simple tips you can use to get your home market-ready this season.

Colour your world

A neutral palette is a great way of offsetting the drab and gloom of the winter’s lack of natural light. Choosing a colour like off-white or cream adds warmth.

Start with the living room

Obviously you want to focus on the room that gets the most mileage (other than the kitchen). People are in cuddle mode, so drape blankets or get the fire crackling whenever you have an open house.

Make rooms multi-purpose

Showcase how multi-functional a room can be. If you’ve got an outdoor fireplace or covered porch, stage them fully furnished to demonstrate how even in the coldest months, every inch of your house can be used. Add outdoor lights, or brush off that patio furniture and turn on the patio heaters, or even arrange seating around a fire pit with some cozy blankets.

Show that your house is ready to party

Since the holidays are all about entertaining, set out stacks of plates and festive table settings complete with garlands and a pot of water with cinnamon and vanilla simmering on the stove.

Let prospective buyers test the merchandise

Make an impression with your gas or electric fireplace by leaving a note with the remote on how to operate it, so potential buyers to turn it on and enjoy the ambiance. If they’re downstairs checking out the furnace, schedule an annual maintenance just before your showing, and ask the maintenance team leave a sticker or magnet marking the date of the last inspection.

Looking to stage and/or sell your home this winter? Want more advice? Give the Merenda team a call: 416-240-SOLD (7653)