Like a good neighbour

It’s currently snowing in Toronto on Christmas Eve, and we’re about to get inundated with anywhere from 10-20 cm of snow (that’s four to eight inches for our American readers) of the white stuff.

Canadian winters can be brutal. And when the temperatures start to drop and the nights get darker earlier, it can be a hazardous time of year for our elderly and vulnerable neighbours – that’s why it’s so important for the rest of us to make sure our older neighbours are doing okay.

We get it – you (or they) might not be the most social person, but what a difference it could make in someone’s day (or life) to simply take a moment to knock on the door to see them and ask if they’re feeling all right, check if they’ve got enough food (in case they can’t get out in slippery or icy conditions in the winter) or perhaps offer to clear their driveway or front walk of ice, snow and other debris to help them avoid falls or injury.

Sure it takes a little time, but it costs absolutely nothing to be kind; and who knows, you might save a life (or make a friend) in the process.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone.