Keep your home critter free

There’s no doubt that summer is the big season for bugs, but what happens when temperatures drop and we start to bundle up and seek the warmth of indoors?

We hate to gross you out, but some rodents and bugs have the same desire for protection against the cold and seek warmth and shelter – right in your home.

To avoid a houseful of uninvited guests for the holidays, here are a few things you can do to help protect your home from pests this winter.

Fill in the gaps

Small holes are basically easy access for insects and small rodents such as mice, so check crawlspaces, door jambs, windows and even the garage to ensure that doors fit properly, screens are free of holes or that weather stripping around window isn’t cracked.

Tidy up

Holes and cracks aren’t the only ways for critters to enter your home. Tree limbs in proximity to windows, dense vegetation or foliage at the base of your house or yard – even standing water are enticements for bugs. So trim those limbs, rake those leaves and tip those rain barrels.

Got the flue?

Santa isn’t the only thing that comes down the chimney this time of year. To escape the cold, little birds often build nests to escape the elements. And with birds, come the bugs. Be sure to check your fireplace and the surrounding area for signs of avian activity.

Fake it

Sadly, Christmas trees are the perfect opportunity to bring unwanted pests inside. It’s estimated that 25,000 mites, insects and spiders could be hanging out within the branches of your Christmas tree.

Avoid this as best you can by using a tree shaker at the tree lot, or by shaking it out yourself before bringing the tree into your home – or, opt for creative and critter-free alternatives.

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