Infographic: Selling do’s and don’ts

There are always a few good hard and fast rules when planning on selling your home. Today’s infographic gives you a short list of some of the top to-do’s when putting your property on the market.

And here are some of the DON’TS:

Ignore your lawn and exterior facade. It’s all an extension of the house. If your home looks unkempt from the outside, potential buyers could be turned off—even if your home is immaculate on the inside.

Think your home smells “just fine”. Every home has its own smell—one that you may be immune to. Always employ a tactic such as boiling cinnamon on the stove, or baking cookies to add a sweet scent to the air.

Leave your unfinished projects in plain view. Unless the property is being positioned as a fixer-upper, projects, loose wires or visible piping could cost you a sale.

Forget the mess. Dirty dishes, unmade beds, and piles of laundry make a big difference in perception. Don’t forget, you’re not only selling your home, you’re trying to sell people a dream.

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