Hygge: The Art of Getting Cozy


If you heard someone nearby say the word out loud, you’d likely be tempted to offer a “bless you!” or “gesundheit!” in return. And who could blame you?

Hard to spell and even harder to say, hygge (pronounced HEW-guh or HOO-guh) is the Scandinavian word for the feeling of or desire to seek coziness and comfort, but in recent years, has become a characteristic of Danish culture.

So, how (and when) does one, er…hygge? Here are some easy ways to do it like the Danes.

T’is the season

Right now! Winter is the perfect season to buckle down and get cozy. Danish winters are notoriously long and dark, so little wonder they’ve perfected the art.

Spark one

No, it’s not what you’re thinking. The Danes combat the darkness with candles and lots of light. Pull out your favourite Dyptiques, dim the lights and bask in the glow.


The idea of hygge is that you turn off your electronics, put down your cellphone, step away from the laptop, and just…chill. While the TV isn’t considered very hyggelig, settling in for a night of Netflix with your loved ones is definitely a propos.

Carbo load

What you eat is also essential to perfecting the cozy vibe, and in this case, homemade sweets (cakes, pies, breads) are completely regulation. Indulge in some hot chocolate or a little pasta…anything that fills you up and gives you the warm, fuzzy feeling in your tummy.

Dress for the occasion

Wanna know the best thing about dressing appropriately for hygge? Sweatpants and flannels count. So doff the jeans and jackets for something that’s literally more comfortable.

Rock out with your hygge out

Guess what? Hygge isn’t a winter exclusive concept. In fact, Danes practice this concept year ‘round. In the summer, you could try planning a picnic in the park, backyard dinner party, a beach bonfire, hiking a nature trail, or sitting out under the stars.

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