Hot ticket: June is Pride Month

Welcome, June! It would seem that the advent of the sixth month of the year is the official kick off to the city’s events roster. The month’s biggest event is, of course, Pride and not just here, but across the globe.

Every year during the month of June, the LGBTQ community celebrates and is celebrated in honour of the Stonewall Riots that took place in June of 1969. On June 28, 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn in New York City, a bar that catered to and provided a space for members of the gay, lesbian and queer community.

While the practice was fairly common, that night people fought back, according to GLAAD. The protest created a national movement of activism and protests nationwide for the equal treatment and protection of LGBTQ members.

Since then, a full month is dedicated to awareness and events around the LGBTQ community. Before there was pride month, there was a pride day that was celebrated on the last Sunday in June each year. Over time, the day turned into a month of events across the country.

For more information on Pride in the city, a calendar of all pride-related events, and more visit the Pride Toronto website.