Home styles from around the globe

Ever wonder how architects and interior designers come up with home styles? Likely they take their cues from regional and historical influences.

The infographic below takes a look at how home styles differ from around the globe. As you can see, there are vastly different representations of what home is from country to country.

One of the most unique styles on this list is the Geodesic home from Norway. This home is a dome shape, which wasn’t actually sustainable until 2001, and it took a significant amount of research to perfect the style.

A house style you might see around older neighbourhoods is the “Sears Catalogue” home. The name speaks for itself: Sears and other home stores sold “kit homes” in the 20th century to make it easier for homebuyers to move in and make it their own.

Non-traditional homes make the list as well; most of us may not consider the Igloo a type of house, but it’s the common shelter staple in Antartica.

Homes are also becoming more environmentally friendly as time goes on, so this infographic would likely look very different in 50 years. Which style is your favourite? Peruse the graphic and let us know in the comments below.