Hiring the Best Commercial Real Estate Agent

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Commercial real estate is a complex world; however, it can be lucrative if you’re looking to find a new business venture, or if you’re in the market to find a new headquarters for your business. Having the best real estate agent will help guide you through the process, which is beneficial as they can steer you toward the best options for your needs.  The biggest question is, how do you know which is the best real estate agency to work with on finding your commercial property? Here are tips from Merenda Real Estate Group that will help you in narrowing your search.


The real estate process whether commercial or home can be rather lengthy. It’s beneficial to find an agency with agents you trust with this transaction.  Also, personality and likeability can go a long way towards making this a pleasant arrangement. Dealing with a company or agent that you’re not able to get along with can make this process uncomfortable.


Not only should you get along with the person that’s helping you to buy, sell or lease your commercial property, but they should have a good reputation. You should feel as though you can trust the company you’re working with on this project. Will the agency that you choose put you first when it comes to making a deal or will they look for ways to increase their commission on the project? You must be able to trust that they’re on your side.

Skill and Experience

Employing a local real estate agent in Toronto, Canada means that they’re familiar with the law and marketplace of the area, but you want to make sure that the agency you work with is competent to get the job done right. Ask them about how they handle negotiation, other deals they’ve done in the past, the amount of experience of the agents, education of the agents, and even what tools they use.  Research their experience.

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Try to Avoid Conflicts of Interest

You may find that the real estate agent that you choose has conflicts of interest when it comes to their commercial dealings. They may have clients that are landlords or are selling properties. This topic is an excellent question to bring up when you’re interviewing potential agencies. How big of a potential conflict of interest exists, and how do they address this with other clients? Do you feel that they’ll address this adequately, and have enough options to reduce this conflict?


The final thing that you should consider when hiring an agency to handle your commercial real estate transactions is their niche. Do they only manage commercial real estate? Are they just doing deals in an area, or do they have a more significant base? You may find that an agency doesn’t have much experience with commercial real estate or their location is too narrow for your purposes, so don’t be afraid to ask.

When you’re ready to hire a commercial real estate agent in Torontolook no further than the Merenda Real Estate Group. We’re here to get you the best deal on your commercial property. Contact us today to learn more about our service, and how it will benefit you.