Give your living room the blues

Colour is more than a visual experience. It is also a psychological one that can radically affect mood and emotion. It’s a classic form of communication that can project your personality and set the tone in each room of your home.

The psychology of colour

Reactions to color can be subjective, but generally, certain types of colors produce particular responses. Warm colors like red, yellow and orange can produce feelings of warmth or aggressiveness, while cool colors like green and blue can be calming or depressing.

Going blue

Generally associated with bedrooms or bathrooms, the colour blue as a living room feature or accent infuses a sense of calm and serenity. Blue is described as a favourite colour by many people, and is the hue most preferred by men when it comes to decorating.

Stay calm

It is often viewed as a non-threatening colour that can also seem conservative and traditional.  The colour blue is also seen as a sign of stability and reliability. While it has positive connotations, hue is also important, as the wrong shade of blue can evoke feelings of sadness.

What’s your favourite living room colour?

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