Getting Your Property Market Ready

Are you considering selling your property soon? Start planning how you will go about prospecting your clients and how to ready it for the coming real estate season. Don’t let holidays keep you from creating a clear strategy for selling your property to the right buyers. Here are some tips to help your Toronto real estate agent to ensure that your property is in shape come the season of sale:

Clean and Keep Things Orderly

Prospective buyers are drawn to clean and tidy houses, which is why you should make sure that your property is in perfect shape and mess-free, including the attic or the basement. Pack away all the items that you plan to bring once you move. Otherwise, throw a garage sale to dispose of things that you don’t need anymore. Closets will also be likely inspected, make sure that they’re only a third full.

Schedule Interior Deep Cleans

Clean your houses to remove musty odor and improve tired-looking walls and floors. Remember, potential buyers will search for anything that will make them decide to buy, so make sure that your house’s appearance, smell, and general condition is on point.

Clean the Exterior

The roof, gutters, lawn, and patio are all important outdoor features of your home. Maintain curb appeal by keeping your property well-kept outside. If possible, apply fresh paint to tired-looking areas of your home like your fence, front door, or the roof. Don’t take for granted what potted plants and small landscaping pieces can instantly do for your property. Help the real estate agent in Toronto market your property in the right way.

Sell or Discard Furniture

If you don’t plan on moving your current furniture, list the items out for sale as early as now. Start removing personal effects that could deter a prospective buyer from entering a deal with you and your real estate agents in Toronto. Sell or discard furniture to start de-personalizing your house, so that prospects can appreciate its potential. Hire a temporary storage to hide your effects from potential clients, if you plan on taking them when you move.

Remove Personal Items

Ready your property by removing all evidence of emotional attachment. Clear away photos and tokens that you have accumulated through the years. Help prospective clients to visualize themselves living on your property quickly.

Do Minor and Major Repairs

Repairing features of your property can significantly drive its value up. Make sure that any visible damage gets addressed before prospects start inspecting your property. Fix the roof, faucets, gutter, toilet, doors, etc. to make your house presentable and ready for viewing.

Hire a Professional Stager

Your property agent in Toronto, Ontario, can help you get in touch with an expert to make your property look inviting. These people know how to highlight your property’s potential and use that to attract and encourage clients to decide to buy your property.