Decor notes: think pink

How do you feel about utilizing pink for interior design? Some like to use it as a ‘softener’ to tone down dark or overtly ‘masculine’ notes in a room, while a common approach is to juxtapose it with neutral tones or even natural elements (like concrete, stone, and wood) to make its soft beauty pop.

Why the push to pink?

Pink popularity in interior and design really started with Millennial Pink in 2012, when this colour really started showing up everywhere, appearing as a toned-down version of Barbie Pink – which is a soft pink with more bluish overtones.

In 2016, Pantone announced Rose Quartz as its Colour of the Year, and then in 2018 Dulux announced Heart Wood as their colour of the year. Sitting between a smoky taupe and dusky mauve, Heart Wood is described as a ‘warm neutral, with a hint of heather,’ and a colour that’s easier to incorporate into a modern aesthetic.

How to apply

Pink looks best when applied unexpectedly, especially in small, controlled rooms where no one would expect. The same applies for the location where you’re planning to use it – a bathroom backsplash, feature wall or as a focal piece like a couch or curtains.

Go braver with application in multiple places, but opt for different tones of the shade or incorporate different pink pieces, as a solid monochromatic application can overwhelm (think Pepto Bismol).

A few carefully-selected pieces of furniture are becoming more and more attractive for big rooms too, where larger and bolder colours, textures, or patterns can be used without feeling cloying.

Small doses

The devil is in the details, and if you’re not into the rose-all-day trend, try small finishing touches with a big impact, such as candle votives, photo frames, vases, lamps.

However, if you just can’t bring yourself to go whole-hog, but you want to get on board with just a blush, let fresh blossoms be the highlight. Try vivid Gerberas, or beautiful globular peonies that look (and smell!) amazing!

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