Colour and Decorating Trends in Toronto Real Estate

Whether you’re looking to refresh your old home or looking for new homes for sale in Toronto, decorating is a way to express your personality and explore your creativity. Here are 4 of today’s hottest colour and home decorating trends.


Biophilic design, which incorporates nature and the outdoors with home décor, is hot right now. It includes the use of natural light, vegetation, natural materials, natural colours, natural shapes, and animals. The easiest ways for most homes to incorporate biophilic design are with vegetation; windows; skylights; and the use of natural materials, such as concrete, stone, and natural wood. Here are some ways to incorporate biophilic décor in various rooms of your home:

  • Bathroom: Use bathmats made of pebbles or real moss and towels made of organic cotton or bamboo in your bathroom. Also, place a plant that loves warmth and humidity, like an orchid, a peace lily, or a begonia, in the corner or window to transform the space.
  • Living room: The simplest way to feel a strong connection with nature is to have a clear view of the outdoors. By opening your drapes and windows often, you’re letting in the sunshine and fresh air. Plants are also a great way to make your room seem cozier. Try adding a couple of nice pots with fern or cacti to bring the outdoors into your living space.
  • Bedroom: Palm imagery is a major trend right now. Whether embroidered on a pillow, replicated on wallpaper, or splashed on your comforter, the look is lush, natural, and versatile. Any bedding with patterns representing nature—flowers, leaves, wildlife, or birds—is on point. Make sure your bedding is made of natural materials, such as silk, cotton, or bamboo. Also, choose carpets or throw rugs made of wool.

Bold Jewel Tones

Energize your living space by adding rich jewel tones, including indigo, emerald green, deep purples, and rich reds. Textured pillows, rugs, and accessories in these colours will breathe life into every room of your home. Another hot trend in homes for sale is the return of retro colours, such as mustard, hunter green, and terracotta; they’re all bold, earthy, and give your home a modern feel. For your kitchen, dark base cabinets with dark countertops are on trend right now. Keep the upper cabinets light to help balance out the darker base and add some wood accents for visual warmth.

Retro and Vintage

Retro décor is making a big comeback, with art-deco inspired graphic patterns, lots of texture, bold colours, and curved edges replacing rigid, straight lines. Try adding a curvy teak chair or a skinny-legged credenza—throwback furniture pieces that are hot right now—in your living room, bedroom, or dining room. A curved sofa is also a popular choice. Vintage lighting, such as exposed bulbs and vintage sconces, are great accents when looking to add that retro feel to your space. You want to aim for a modern take using retro pieces. For example, you could opt for a wooden vanity or use patterned tile in your bathroom, but then keep the rest of the space light and simple.

Mixed Materials

Mixing different types of materials, patterns, and textures brings a little fun and whimsy to a space. Try mixing metal accents, rich woods, bright colours, and polished surfaces to make your own personal design statement.

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