Avoid these decor don’ts

We all have ideas of what the ideal living room should look like, right? We want a space that evokes feelings of coziness, comfort, and even luxury. But sometimes what we see in our minds doesn’t exactly play out in real life. But why? Here are a few preventable living room decor don’ts.

Don’t: Go so(fa) low

Pay attention to sofa seat height. Low sofas are modern and look good, but they’re difficult to get in and out of.

Don’t: Style straight from the showroom

Instead, mix your brand new pieces with stuff you already own for an individualized look. Little touches add personality and character.

Don’t: Pair small rugs with a big room

Yes, a good, big, room-sized rug can cost money, but a small rug throws off the balance of a room. A living room almost always needs a rug that’s 8’x10′, or larger—unless, of course, your living room is tiny to begin with.

Don’t: Buy without a floor plan

Sketch out your ideas, especially if you have an oddly-shaped room, or if the room is long and narrow. A small room requires consideration for aspects like window or TV positioning, as well as seating with affect conversations and viewing.

Don’t: Slap art on the wall

While a rule of thumb for hanging artwork is at eye-level, it doesn’t apply in every case. An easy way to determine where your artwork should go is to cut a room (visually, of course) into quadrants. Counting from four at the very top to one at the very bottom, your pieces should sit comfortably somewhere in the third quadrant.

Don’t: Go too expensive to enjoy

Sure, you want your living room to look good, but don’t choose fabrics or furniture that can’t take the wear and tear of everyday living—especially if you have pets or little ones. Some outdoor fabrics look good (and luxe) enough for indoor use, that no one will ever know your water-proofed canvas curtains aren’t actually silk shantung.

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