7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Hiring a Property Agent

When hiring a property agent in Toronto, Ontario, there are a few warning signs you’ll want to watch out for. Ask yourself these questions about your potential property agent or realtor, and let them help signal when you should consider making a different choice.

Does the Agent Usually Work in Your Price Range?

If they’re more often working in luxury real estate, reaching in a monetary range that’s double what you’re aiming for, they may not be the right property agent for you. It’s best to choose someone who has a great deal more experience working in your desired price range because it means that both you and your realtor are going to be operating in comfortable and familiar territory.

Is the Agent Charging Lower Commission?

If they are charging a lower commission for their services than the average realtor, that might seem like a good thing. The reality is that this could be because they lack adequate experience to charge an average commission price. It could also be an indication that their reputation has been tarnished in some way as a realtor and they’re just trying to get any work they can—and desperation isn’t a great foundation for a great business shopping partner.

Does the Agent Actually Deal in Your Desired Property?

Take a look at their listings online, if that’s possible, to get an idea of the types of properties they deal in. Do they seem like they fit your profile? Then that means they’re a great choice!

When You Look up an Agent’s Listing, Does Their Face Show Up?

This might make the agent seem that much more professional, if the answer is yes. The reality is that they usually have to pay for that image post on their online listings in public listings. This is just to say that an image doesn’t by default mean they’re more professional than a listing without one. It’s better to meet with the individual in person, to determine if they’re someone that you want to work with or not.

Are They a Personal Relative?

Your cousin might be a well-established real estate agent in the area that you’re interested in buying. If so, great! However, you really shouldn’t choose a realtor just because they’re related to you, especially if it’s just a part-time gig that they do on weekends.

Do They Know the Real Estate Landscape in Your Neighbourhood?

It’s possible that you’ve researched your ideal neighbourhood choices down to the preferred school district for your kids. Does your potential property agent have a more in-depth familiarity of the neighbourhood climates, social activity, and school district? If the answer is that you have more information from twenty minutes of online research, then you should consider choosing a different realtor for the job.

Are They a Part-Time Real Estate Agent?

Part-time or full-time, what’s the difference? It may not seem huge to you. If someone is working in real estate full-time, it means that they’re searching the markets every day and keeping up to speed on the latest listings in real time. That can make a huge difference in home shopping than choosing someone who just browses through local listings in their free time. If you want the best possible opportunities to choose from, then choose a full-time property agent in Toronto, Ontario.