5 Common Mistakes Made When Selling a Home

Getting your home ready to place on the market is a big deal. To get top dollar for your house, it’s important to prepare for the sale properly. With so much residential real estate for sale in Toronto, Ontario, setting your property apart from the other listings is important. Many homeowners make mistakes that cause their homes to sit on the market for longer than they desire. Avoid these common errors to ensure that your home sells for the right price at the right time.

  • The colour of your home. Look at the colour of your walls. Are they neutral or brightly coloured? Neon and bold colours limit your buyer’s ability to view their belongings inside your home. In some cases, it can even make your home look smaller. Before putting your home on the market, take the time to repaint your walls to a more neutral hue. Greys, beige, and taupe are all great options. Not only will this brighten up your space, but it will also attract buyers to your home.
  • Not hiding your pets. While your furry friends might bring you comfort, they may be a turn-off for potential buyers. It’s estimated that over 30 percent of homeowners don’t own pets. That’s a large portion of the market. If you have animals that have urinated on your carpet, be sure to have the carpets cleaned before showing your home. It’s also a good idea to have your pets stay with a family member while your house is being shown so they are out of sight of potential buyers. Also, take the time to clean out litter boxes and your yard before allowing your home to be shown. The better shape your home is in, the better chance it has of selling.
  • Leaving belongings in the home during showings. It’s not necessary to remove all your items from your home before selling. However, do your best to remove collections, figurines, personal photos, and anything religious. These things could alienate certain buyers. Plus, the more vacant your home is, the easier it is for buyers to envision their furniture and style inside.

  • Not upgrading the lighting. Walk around your home and take note of any lightbulbs that need to be replaced. This is a quick fix that will brighten up your house. If possible, consider upgrading builder-grade light fixtures to something a bit more modern. Dated light fixtures look cheap and can impact the way buyers feel about your home.
  • Not caring for the flooring. Dated or worn out carpet can impact your potential buyers. When seeing worn carpet, many buyers automatically assume that they will have to replace it—which is an added expense. They may move on to a home where such a repair isn’t necessary. If possible, replace the flooring. In some cases, hardwood floors may be hiding underneath worn carpet. If it’s not within your budget to replace outdated flooring, have it cleaned before putting your home on the market.

There are many residential homes for sale in Toronto, Ontario. Draw buyers to your home by preparing your property properly before it hits the market. By avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll have buyer clamouring to see the inside of your house.