Home safety tips for holiday travellers

The days immediately following Christmas are common destination days, with people and families opting to ditch the cold for warmer climes. To keep your family and property safe until your return, her are a few tips that can help deter thieves and lurkers from targeting your home.

Use apps or gadgets that turn the lighting in your house off and on at random intervals to give the appearance of a presence in the home during “normal” hours. This also goes for the TV and radio; most newer devices have programmable intervals for alarms and away modes.

Temporarily discontinue any newspaper deliveries or subscription services until your return. And don’t let your mail pile up in your absence; inquire about “Hold Mail” services offered by Canada Post and other providers. These are designed to have your mail safely held for a prescribed length of time at the office or depot, until you get back. It’s easy and safer than letting the mail accumulate and saves the inconvenience of having your neighbours pick it up for you.

Lastly, look into hired son services and inquire about a pre-paid plan to have someone shovel the driveway and walkways of your home while you’re away. It saves you the trouble of digging yourself into your garage when you get back home, and gives the appearance that someone’s home to take care of your property.

Season’s Greetings and travel safe!

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