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Get ready to winterize

With Thanksgiving in the books and winter on the way, it’s time to get your home ready for…winterizing! Here are some things you need to pay attention to now to avoid costly damage later.

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Stop condensation from ruining your home

Ah, winterfall: that cold-yet-humid time of year that’s perfect for snow outside, and window condensation inside. A problem in many homes (especially older builds), this type of moisture build-up can lead to mold, woodrot, and can cause other issues within the home as well. To prevent condensation, you have to control the humidity and moisture…

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Prepping your home for a winter sale

Did you know that the techniques and tricks used to stage your home and entice buyers differ in the fall/winter vs. Spring/summer? Here are five simple tips you can use to get your home market-ready this season.

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Why Do You Need a Real Estate Agent?

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These days, with so much real estate info available online, you may wonder why you need to hire a real estate agent? This is a reasonable thing to consider. The truth is the real estate market is trickier than it seems. You may feel like the information you are getting from the web is sufficient,…

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Top Neighbourhoods in Toronto

With a population of more than 2.5 million people, Toronto, Ontario, is the largest city in Canada, and the fifth-largest in North America. It’s also one of the most multicultural cities in the world. In a city that large and diverse, there’s endless real estate opportunities, but some neighbourhoods are more desirable than others. The…

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